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Gary DeLong’s Economic Growth Plan

1. Reform the tax code.  Make it simple and fair; starting with eliminating loopholes.

2. Balance the budget.  Require Congress to pass a balanced budget, each and every year, and eliminate Federal waste and bureaucracy. Next, begin generating budget surpluses to be used to pay down our nation’s unsustainable debt.

3. Invest in K-12 education. America’s continued prosperity depends on our ability to give our children the tools they need to succeed. Congress can empower local educators by providing the resources to educate the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators. This begins by ensuring federal funds reach the classroom and are not wasted in bureaucracy.

4. Support higher education. Southern California has some of the best colleges and universities in the world. These regional assets are essential to producing a workforce that is competitive in the global economy. Ensuring a higher education is attainable for young adults is vital to economic growth.

5. Improve health care alternatives.  Allow individuals and small businesses to form purchasing pools and to purchase health insurance across state lines. Eliminate frivolous lawsuits to reduce healthcare costs for all Americans.

6. Repeal burdensome regulations.  Provide an appropriate amount of regulation to ensure stable markets, but no more regulation than necessary. We need to support local small businesses so they can grow, prosper and create jobs.

7. Strengthen and grow our local economy.  Continue modernizing the Port of Long Beach to improve our global competitiveness, create jobs, as well as increase the environmental sustainability of the Port.

8. Reduce dependence on foreign oil.  Develop viable and sustainable energy sources within the United States. Invest in renewable energy and new fuel sources, while maintaining high environmental standards. Keep our money and jobs in America, as well as reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Congress can help by streamlining regulations and investing in America’s energy resources.

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