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Since I announced my campaign on August 15th, I am honored to have received the following endorsements:

“I am confident Gary DeLong will bring his track record of balancing city budgets to Washington and ensure that taxpayer dollars are spent wisely.”

- Former Governor George Deukmejian

Governor Pete Wilson

“We need leaders like Gary DeLong in Congress to fight for California. As a small business owner himself, he knows first-hand the challenges our businesses face every day. I’m confident Gary will join me in leading the charge to remove the barriers that hold our economy back so that our communities can grow and prosper.”

- House Majority Whip Congressman Kevin McCarthy

Congressman Ken Calvert

“I am supporting Gary DeLong for Congress because he is a fiscal conservative and I know I can count on Gary to support my efforts in eliminating the deficit, reducing the national debt and growing our economy.”

- Congressman John Campbell

Congressman Darrel Issa

“Gary DeLong has earned my support. Gary knows firsthand what it takes to create jobs — that’s what he’s done for more than 20 years as a small businessman.” 

- Congressman Dan Lungren

Congressman Devin Nunes

“Gary DeLong is tough, relentless and he’s on our side. Gary will be a strong voice for taxpayers in Washington.” 

- Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

 “I am pleased to support Gary DeLong for Congress. I know I can count on Gary to support my efforts in growing our economy, supporting our small and medium size businesses so they can create jobs for our citizens, and reigning in government spending.”

- Congressman Ed Royce

Congressman Pete Sessions

 “Gary DeLong shares my belief that government needs to do more to support small businesses and improve our economy. Taxpayers can count on him to stand up and oppose new and higher taxes.”

- California Board of Equalization Vice-Chair Michelle Steel

“Gary DeLong’s priorities are to improve our economy and create jobs for our citizens.  As a small business owner, he understands what is needed to get our economy moving again.”

- State Senator Tom Harman

State Senator Bob Huff

State Senator Tony Strickland

State Senator Mimi Walters

“The cost of the Federal government has doubled in the last 10 years to pay for an ever growing Washington bureaucracy.  Gary DeLong understands that increasing taxes on the middle class is the wrong answer – and will work to reduce the cost of government and get our economy moving again.”

- Assemblyman Allan Mansoor

 Assemblyman Jeff Miller

“I know I can count on Gary DeLong to support my conservative principals of Limited Government, Lower Taxes, Safe Neighborhoods and Strong Families.”

 - Assemblyman Jim Silva

 Assemblyman Don Wagner

 “A small businessman and successful local leader, Gary DeLong is a dedicated fiscal conservative committed to our effort to eliminate government waste and fraud and create jobs with lower taxes and business-friendly economic policies.”

- Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich

 “Strong leadership is more essential than ever for our country and Gary DeLong has proven his ability to represent his constituents well.”

- Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe

“Orange County needs Gary DeLong in Washington, where he will be an advocate for small businesses. Gary understands that when businesses are able to prosper, our community is better for it. He is a proven leader who knows how to balance budgets and create jobs.”

- Orange County Supervisor Patricia Bates

 Orange County Supervisor Bill Campbell

 Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach

“We need Gary DeLong in Washington where he will be an advocate for small businesses,” said Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson. “Gary understands that when businesses are able to prosper, our community is better for it. He is a proven leader who knows how to balance budgets and create jobs.”

 - Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson

“Education, jobs, fiscal accountability, and protecting our coastline…these are the issues Gary DeLong will fight for in Congress. Gary will stand up for Orange County.”

- Orange County Supervisor Janet Nguyen

“Gary DeLong and I share the same goal of working to improve public safety in our community. He has demonstrated a strong and unyielding commitment to public safety and law enforcement concerns along with a devotion to the welfare of law enforcement professionals. Gary is a proven leader and we need his voice in Congress to keep our neighborhoods safe and healthy by supporting thriving businesses and good jobs.”

-Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens

 Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas

 “Few people possess Gary DeLong’s fiscally conservative credentials and well-earned trust of the public. I know he’ll fight to cut Federal overspending, restore accountability to government in Washington, DC., and ensure that meeting the needs of cities and their residents are one of his highest priorities.”

- Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait

Anaheim Councilmember Gail Eastman

“Gary’s honest, hard-working and open-minded and knows how to build consensus. With a background in local government, he’ll remember who he works for in Washington and fight for our interests.”

- Avalon Mayor Bob Kennedy

Avalon Councilmember Oley Olsen

Avalon Councilmember Ralph Morrow

Brea Councilmember Marty Simonoff

Buena Park Councilmember Miller Oh

“As the Chair of his city’s Budget Oversight Committee, Gary DeLong has made the difficult decisions to balance the budget, year after year. I am confident Gary will fight to restore fiscal sanity to Washington.”

- Cerritos Mayor Carol Chen

Cypress Mayor Doug Bailey

Cypress Councilmember Phil Luebben

Cypress Councilmember Prakash Narain

Fountain Valley Councilmember Larry Crandall

Fountain Valley Mayor Pro-Tem Mark McCurdy

Fountain Valley Councilmember Steve Nagel

Fountain Valley Councilmember Michael Vo

Garden Grove Mayor Bill Dalton

Garden Grove Councilmember Steve Jones

Garden Grove Councilmember Dina Nguyen

Huntington Beach Councilmember Joe Carchio

Irvine Councilmember Jeff Lalloway

Lake Forest Mayor Pro Tem Scott Voigts

“Gary DeLong has earned the reputation of someone who is willing to work with all people, regardless of political party, and build consensus.  We need more representatives like Gary who will put the needs of his constituents ahead of partisan politics.

-Lakewood Councilmember Larry Van Nostran

“Gary DeLong is open-minded, honest and works hard to build consensus. We need elected officials like Gary in Congress who will remember who he works for in Washington and represent our interests, not special interests.”

- Lakewood Mayor Diane DuBois

Lakewood Councilmember Todd Rogers

Lakewood Councilmember Jeff Wood

“I have witnessed Gary’s actions as chairman of Long Beach’s Budget Oversight Committee and I have no doubt he will maintain the same fiscally responsible approach in Washington as he does in Long Beach.”

- Long Beach City Auditor Laura Doud

“Gary DeLong recognizes that the top priority is to get our economy growing again, which will create jobs and economic opportunities for our citizens.  I look forward to working together to support the community of Los Alamitos.”

- Los Alamitos Mayor Troy Edgar

Los Alamitos Mayor Pro Tem Marilynn Poe

Los Alamitos Councilmember Gerri Mejia

Los Alamitos Councilmember Ken Stephens

Newport Beach Mayor Pro Tem Keith Curry

Rancho Palos Verdes Mayor Anthony Misetich

Rancho Palos Verdes Mayor Pro Tem Brian Campbell

Rancho Palos Verdes Councilmember Jerry Duhovic

“Gary DeLong is a thoughtful, hard-working city councilman who reaches out to others regardless of political party, and helps craft commonsense solutions to the challenges we face. He is a good listener and will do what is best for all the people of our district.”

- Signal Hill Mayor Larry Forester

Signal Hill Councilmember Mike Noll

Signal Hill Councilmember Ellen Ward

“Gary DeLong is a consensus builder who will work with people regardless of political party in order to get the job done. That’s leadership we can use in Washington.”

- Stanton Mayor Carol Warren

Stanton Mayor Pro Tem David John Shawver

Stanton Councilmember Al Ethans

Stanton Councilmember Brian Donahue

Stanton Councilmember Rigoberto Ramirez

“With a background in both local government and as a respected small business owner, Gary DeLong will remember who he works for in Washington and fight for our interests.”

- Westminster Mayor Margie Rice

Westminster Councilmember Tyler Diep

Westminster Councilmember Frank Fry

Westminster Councilmember Andy Quach

Westminister Mayor Pro Tem Tri Ta


- Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

- Log Cabin Republicans

- National Federation of Independent Businesses

- No Labels

- U.S. Chamber of Commerce


- Ray and Lynn Lasher of Lashers

- Tom Benson of Bud’s Beach Cities

- Rick Brizendine of Evans, Brizendine and Silver

- Mark Cochran of Seaside Printing Company Inc.

- Brad Hooper of Rossmoor Car Wash and Detail

- Jimmy Loizides of George’s Greek Café

- Colleen Low & John Low of Keller Williams Pacific Estate

- Jim Powell of Stu’s A.E. Transmission Exchange

- Glenn Ray of MANI

- Charles S. Wilcox, Executive Director Pharmacology Research Institute

- Robert Zinngrabe

“We’re supporting Gary DeLong for Congress because as a fellow small business owner, he knows what’s needed to get our economy growing again.”

- Bob & Linda Quarto, Foggia Italian Market & Deli


“The Lakewood Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to support Gary’s business-minded approach to representing the people of Southern California.”

- John Kelsall, President and CEO of the Greater Lakewood Chamber of Commerce
“Councilmember DeLong is the right person in the right place at the right time.  Our country needs leaders like Gary who can work with people with differing views to build consensus on difficult issues.  I’m confident he can bring his business skills and public service experience to improve the fiscal health of Washington.”

-Long Beach Chamber of Commerce Chair Joanne Davis
“We’re supporting Gary DeLong for the new 47th Congressional District because he has a proven track record of creating jobs and balancing the budget.  We need more representatives like Gary in Washington, D.C. who understand how the economy works, will work to improve economic opportunities for all Americans, and are not career politicians.”

-Long Beach Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Randy Gordon
“I’m supporting Gary DeLong for Congress because he shares my concern that recent health care legislation will result in increased medical costs, reduced patient care and more bureaucracy between doctors and their patients.  Additionally, I know I can count on Gary to work hard to protect the health care benefits of America’s seniors.”

- Dr. Marcy Zwelling, CEO, Choice Care

 - Rossmoor Homeowners Association President Gary Stewart

- Former Rossmoor Homeowners Association President Eric Christensen

- Rossmoor Homeowners Association Secretary Bill Gekler

- Former Rossmoor Homeowners Association Director Everett Knell

- Rossmoor Homeowners Association Director GeorgLyn Seligman

- Rossmoor Homeowners Association 1st Vice President Mark Nitikman

- Rossmoor Homeowners Association 2nd Vice President Beverley Houghton

- Rossmoor Homeowners Association Treasurer Tom Thomas

 - Rossmoor Community Services President Alfred Coletta

 - Rossmoor Community Services Director Ron Casey

 - Rossmoor Community Services Director Jeffrey Rips

- Rossmoor Community Services District First Vice President Michael Maynard

- Rossmoor Community Services District Second Vice President Bill Kahlert

- Hispanic 100

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